The New Race To Space
The inside story of the out-of-this-world mission to launch the first civilian rocket into space

Excellent MSNBC & Associated Press article of “Scotty” launch in 2007

December 28th 2010 in Book Reference

Includes excellent on-the-scene photographs of the 2007 launch at Spaceport America.
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To watch the publicly distributed video clip of our launch, click here for a Windows Media version (5 megs) or click here for a QuickTime version (14 megs).  Make sure your speakers are turned on.

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Derek Deville, one of our rocket- motor geniuses, posted his video of the launch on YouTube.  You can view it here.

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Links to Supplemental Information

"Space visionaries craft vision for the longer-term future of space exploration at Boston University Conference."
Here's a link to the book-referenced press report of this amazing conference.