The New Race To Space
The inside story of the out-of-this-world mission to launch the first civilian rocket into space

Welcome to the Web site of my book.

December 28th 2010 in Book Reference

Eric Knight with The New Race To Space bookDear readers:

Thank you for visiting the companion Web site of my book, The New Race To Space.

I stuffed the book with 90 full-color photos to bring the adventure to life in vivid detail.  It’s 244 pages long in a wonderfully oversized 6×9 format.  (Paperback size wouldn’t do justice to the glorious color images.) Check out the covers here.

As promised in my book, this Web site provides links to the referenced articles, videos, etc.

Enjoy!   — Eric

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“Welcome to the Web site of my book.”
Rod Lane

This is a beautiful site, Eric.

Nice job. I’m definitely looking forward to the release of the book!

Rod Lane

Ian Kluft

Congrats on the release of the book Eric! It’s a story that needed to be told.

I’m looking forward to getting my copy. A note for the web site readers… I’ve been talking with Eric helping him verify all the volunteers were credited for their work. He led the team that built the on-board electronics. I led the search team that traversed desert and mountains to recover it.

I could say I have confidence because I know Eric. But his own actions tell it better than that. His emphasis on the people and teamwork should give everyone high confidence that this book tells the story about a really difficult all-volunteer project the way it needs to be told.

Derek Deville

Just finished reading the book. WOW!! What a fantastic telling of the story. It was great to get some insights into portions of the project that I didn’t know about. The story was well laid out and very engaging. I felt like I was living it all over again. Quite a pleasure.

Derek Deville

Matthew Kluft

Just got a copy of your book just because I am in it. Anyway very good book, read the whole thing in a day. I never knew the whole story behind the GoFast rocket, so it is nice to know what part of this story I played (even if it was small). Plus on the cover it says, “you’ll witness history…” and your writing lives up to that. So good job!

Owen DeLong

Fantastic book Eric. I feel privileged to have had the small part I was able to play in this historic epic. Thank you so much for the kind mention.

Marta Kluft


We met briefly one week ago today in Reno, I am Ian Kluft’s mother. You stopped by my son Olavo’s home to help Ian with some of his things that were left out in Black Rock, thank you for that. (By the way, Ian’s truck was repaired and he picked it up yesterday.)

When I saw you autograph the book for my grandson Matthew that was too much for me, I picked up the book and in between chores I have now finished the book today.

I loved it! I really enjoyed the team work of everyone involved. When possible, please relate my best regards to them and to you and your dear wife, I send you a big “abraco” which in Brazilian Portuguese means “hug”.


Marta Kluft

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At a recent aerospace conference, I had the great pleasure of exchanging a signed copy of my book, The New Race To Space, with a book from one of my childhood heroes, Buzz Alrin.   Buzz is now one of the official advisors of our Time Capsule To Mars project.

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